AAB College student, Edita Loshaj, is taking her internship at USAID – Up To Youth

21 January 2022

Edita Loshaj, a student at the Faculty of English Language at AAB College, is taking an internship at USAID. During the years of study, she has participated in activities and trainings which helped her professional and individual development in various fields such as prioritization and design of initiatives, communication, marketing, etc.

English, she says, is the key that opens many employment doors. Edita Loshaj attributes her success in being accepted as an intern at USAID – Up to Youth to AAB College, as according to her, it has helped her improve in her academic and professional training.

“AAB College has set me upon a great career path,” she said.

AAB College remains a place of plentiful opportunities and professional development that leads to a successful career.