AAB College, the first institution from Kosovo represented at the University of Graz, Austria

21 July 2022

The Faculty of English Language of AAB College, constantly reveals the success of students who demonstrate commitment and willingness to work and learn in this field. Students of this faculty have recently received scholarships to one of the summer schools at the University of Graz, Austria. Thus, AAB College has become the first and only institution of higher education in Kosovo that is represented in this prestigious school.

The Graz International Summer School in Austria, Seggau (GUSEGG), is an international academic program attended by students from all fields of study. As for the students of the English Language Faculty of AAB College, this is the second time they are part of it.

Over 80 students and 20 professors from all over the world participate in lectures, seminars and panels that take place in the unique environment at the campus of this university.

The purpose of this summer school is for students to deepen their knowledge in certain fields, create friendships and exchange experiences related to their professional future.