AAB signed a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Dortmund

20 October 2016

With the establishment of the German center of competence (QGjK) at College AAB, a delegation from the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Dortmund Republic of Germany, led by President Berthold Schröder, Vice President Kerstin Feix, general deputy directos, WilhelmHicking, coordinator of Vocational Education projects for Kosovo, Musolli Franc, and the Federal Project coordinator of ODZ Tobias Schmidt, visited AAB College and in a solemn ceremony of inter-institutional cooperation signed an agreement between AAB College and Artisan Chamber of Dortmund of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The purpose of this agreement is the growth and employment of young people and adults in Kosovo throughout the programs of high vocational quality trainings and dual education with the highest standards, as are defined by the Kosovo authorities.

The agreement was signed by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at the AAB College, ShemsedinVehapi and ODZ’s president, Berthold Schröder.

Types of courses which will be organized in the framework of this agreement are: tailoring, cosmetics, manufacturer of advertising signs and lighting, etc.

The guests were very pleased with the achievements and provided conditions at AAB College, especially with the German Competence Center (QGjK).