The Senate of the College is the highest academic body of the College. It decides on all issues important to the University in the field of teaching, scientific research and artistic.

The Senate, as the highest academic body, consist of:

  • Rector;
  • Prorectors;
  • Deans of all academic units;
  • Selected member from the academic staff of each academic unit;
  • One representative of the students;
  • One member from the administrative-technical staff;
  • General Secretary of the College is a permanent member of the Senate

The Senate is chaired by the Rector. In absence of the Rector, the Senate is chaired by the prorector who is assigned by the rector.

Depending on the general responsibilities of the Council and on the responsibilities of the rector and prorectors, the Senate is responsible for:

  1. General strategic matters that relate to the research, studies, teaching and courses in College;
  2. Drafting the strategy for academic development of the College;
  3. Approval of the Statute of the College, upon obtaining the consent of the Board of the University;
  4. Deciding for the teaching, scientific and artistic activities of the College;
  5. Criteria for admission of students;
  6. Ensuring quality and procedure for awarding qualifications;
  7. Proposing the form and content of the embkem, seal and dry seal;
  8. Approving the Regulation of the procedure for review of measures against the students;
  9. Reviewing the matters of protection of the rights of the staff and students;
  10. Approving the programs of studies;
  11. Deciding for the proposals of the Rector of the College for the member of commissions;
  12. Performing other tasks specified with this Statute.