Agim Vinca: The book “Bury these words” (Albanian: “Shtini n’dhe këto fjalë”) is easy to read, but not easy to forget

21 March 2015

In the presence of several creators of Albanian letters, book fans, literary critics, researchers of other fields, publishers and a number of artistic word appreciates, today on the occasion of 21st of March the International Day of Poetry, the AAB University in cooperation with Kosovo PEN Center promotes the book “Bury these words” by the poet Lulzim Tafa, published by “Faik Konica” Publishing House. Editor of the book is Nazmi Rrahmani, whilst Agim Vinca is reviewer.

In front of the participants spoke the reviewer Prof. Dr. Agim Vinca, editor of the book Nazmi Rrahmani, Prof. Dr. Sali Bashota, representatives of the Kosovo PEN Centre, the readers and the author of the book Prof. Dr. Lulzim Tafa. The promotion event was accompanied by selected musicals performed in piano by Elizabeta Musliu and sung by soprano Elikona Hysa, while two actors, Anisa Ismail and Ermal Rexha, who recited poems from the book “Bury these words and numerous other guests heightened the greatness of the event.