Çlirim Lajçi, another story of professional advancement and success at AAB College

7 February 2022

As a third-year student at the Faculty of Arts of AAB College, Çlirim Lajçi is one of our many students who has managed to get a job before graduating. What sets Çlirim apart from everyone else is that he is already practicing the profession of graphic designer within the institution where he is studying.

“For all those who are in doubt about where to start their studies, AAB College is definitely my recommendation. Student engagements in various activities, internships and professional teaching staff, are but some of the reasons that make AAB College stand out from the rest. Successes like these have made AAB College the ideal place for quality studies and professional development for many students,” said Çlirim.

He thanks AAB College for giving him the opportunity to be part of the professional staff, because, according to him, to contribute to the largest institution of higher education in the country is a great privilege.