Edita Baruti, graduated at AAB –owner and manager of the kindergarten “FOLEA” in Mitrovica

17 December 2014

Edita Baruti, completed her studies in the Faculty of Preschool Education at AAB, for a while she worked in some kindergartens and public schools, whereas now she is the owner and manager of the kindergarten “FOLEA” in Mitrovica.

She said that AAB provided a lot of opportunities and enabled her to open the private business –the kindergarten “FOLEA”.

“After I completed my studies I got employed as an educator in the kindergarten ‘Peek-A-Books’ in Prishtina, and then in the primary school ’NondaBulka’ in Mitrovica, where I was in the capacity of the educator in the pre-primary level. Both of these were position that provided a very good experience to me in order to develop further my career. My wish to be closer to kids pushed me to open the kindergarten ‘FOLEA’ in my city Mitrovica. The kindergarten has been functioning for two years ago and continues its success”, saidEditaBarutifor “AAB Alumni”.

Except her achievements and professional training acquired at AAB, Edita has not only managed to be self-employed but she also employed six other people in her institution.