English Debate Club debates whether citizen vaccination should be obligatory

13 November 2021

The Debate Club of the Faculty of English held its first debate session for this academic year, an activity which has now become a tradition within this faculty. The topic that the students addressed was “Should the vaccination of citizens be required by law?”

The debate was moderated by the coordinator of the club, Artiola Kajtazi, who stressed that this debate has fulfilled some of the main goals of the club, namely, the inclusion of students from all academic years of the faculty, which helps in increasing the number of interested parties and in honing the skill of debating and cultivating the culture of debate.

In the capacity of the jury in this session were professors Aida Alla, Marika Butskhrikidze, Mirvan Xhemajli and Gresa Shaqiri. The issues discussed in this debate were: Is public safety being undermined by people who do not want to be vaccinated? Is vaccination required by law a violation of human rights? Is endangering the safety of citizens from individual elections a violation of law and human rights? Does compulsory vaccination have a positive or negative effect on society? Why do some people refuse to be vaccinated? The debate lasted 90 minutes and was carefully monitored by the professors.

The jury declared the team who argued for the vaccination the winner and gave the students tips on how to improve their debating skills.