Computer Sciences

Faculty of Computer Science is fully focused on providing modern forms of teaching, practical and consistent with global technological developments so that tomorrow our students to be competitive in global markets as an individual or as part of prestigious organizations.

Furthermore, students of the Faculty of Computer Science will effectively use a wide range of methods, tools and techniques used in designing and developing software applications, specifying the software designers to meet the needs and aspirations of users, solve complex problems with focus in the field of artificial intelligence, trained in practical work in the field of computer networks as network design, switching and routing, etc.

Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College offers instruction and prepares students for careers in industry-based society where students receive contemporary knowledge by helping to build a vision for the future, to adapt and cope with technological challenges, contributing to the change and the progress of our society.

Recognizing that today’s engineers must be able to solve complex problems of highly focused and related specializations in areas closer to the profession, Faculty of Computer Science combines a core interdisciplinary studies specialized in selected profile for each program.

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