Faculty of Computer Sciences held its first student scientific conference

27 May 2022

The First Student Scientific Conference by the Faculty of Computer Science called “Open Day of projects and research” was held at AAB Colleges Media Center. Topics selected by the faculty commission, consisting of Ersan Hamdiu, Xhevdet Spahiu, Rahmil Limani, Elissa Mollakuqe and Samir Jakupi, were presented during this conference. Topics presented included all areas of computer science such as programming, cyber security, software engineering, IoT, networks, and telecommunications, amongst others.

This conference was a good opportunity for students who are thinking of continuing their academic development in computer science. Seeing the importance of scientific work and for them is a first step towards their development into scientists. Also, many students presented their finished products, such as software that was created during various projects in the faculty. This conference closed with the distribution of certificates for those who attended.