International Cooperation and Membership

AAB College plays an important role as a leading institution in the region. The wide range of prestigious international organizations and university networks are the goal of our College for the years to come and are part of our strategy for the years 2018-2023. These activities would help the College raise its international profile by becoming involved in the increasingly globalized education sector. AAB College organizes or co-organizes a wide range of events featuring both students and academic staff.

AAB College is member of:

  • Magna Charta Observatory whose aim is to gather information, express opinions and prepare documents relating to the respect for, and protection of the fundamental university values and rights stated in it and signed in Bologna in 1988 by 388 Rectors of major universities from all over the world. The Observatory works together or in agreement with other national, European or international organizations pursuing similar or compatible aims. More information:
  • Danube Rector’s Conference (DRC) as a strong network of universities spanning this region with the aim to improve higher education in both teaching and research, and to support the advancement of member universities by establishing sustainable contacts. Its focus is on: a) coordinating the ideas and actions of its members through the exchange of information on issues of common interest; promoting cooperation on issues of common interest, thereby contributing to the stability and the development of an open and democratic society in Europe; c) acting as a consultant, by presenting its views and by making appropriate recommendations on problems which concern the universities, to government, national or international organizations, as well as to others who are involved with issues concerning universities. The Conference maintains links with national and international organizations whose activities are of interest or relate to universities – particularly with the national Rectors’ Conferences, the EUA, UNESCO, the EU and the Council of Europe. More information:
  • Balkan University Association (BUA) aims to determine a leading vision for the future through the universities, the libraries, the research centres in Balkan region on the base of common global values by considering the necessities of the time. Besides, forming up a scientific network in the areas of the language, the culture, the art, the history, the economy, the education and sports and caring out collaborative scientific works in these areas are aims of BUA. More information: