ERASMUS+ Programme

AAB College participates actively in the Erasmus+ programme and supports student exchanges in Erasmus partner countries and teaching and training exchange for staff. The Erasmus Charter can be seen in the link below.

Kosovo is still not a country with full rights in the European Union and is not recognized by all EU countries since 5 of its member countries (Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Spain and Slovakia) have not yet recognized independence. of Kosovo, even though some of these countries accept her passport. Being a country where citizens are required to obtain visas for their movement, one of the most convenient ways to reach other prestigious universities is mainly through the Erasmus+ exchange program.

AAB is part of the  program and aims to create opportunities to study, teach, and train abroad in short periods of time through Erasmus+ scholarships. The mobility offered by this program includes the exchange of students for studies in cycle I (Bachelor’s), II (Master’s), and III (Doctorate) as well as the exchange of academic and administrative staff for teaching or training.