International Profile

AAB College is one of the best private institutions of higher education not only in Kosovo but also in the region, including the countries of Southeast Europe, and is ranked among the promising colleges with the aim of more sustainable development in the field of scientific research. Our international connections significantly contribute to strengthening cooperation with universities, colleges and other educational institutions, thus developing our institution’s awareness of global developments in the field of education.

In addition, the AAB college is focused on achieving high standards and excellence in international research projects, membership in many prestigious international organizations and university networks. AAB also actively supports student and academic staff mobility. AAB College has entered among the promising colleges of Europe in terms of supporting students and academic staff who become part of exchanges as a result of academic mobility in the Erasmus program. Other European Union programs are also very important for us.

AAB College emphasizes the importance of developing international cooperation implemented on the basis of agreements at the College level and inter-university agreements and between different colleges. This collaboration currently includes a number of partner colleges and universities not only from the region but also from Europe, the USA, etc. Collaboration with partner colleges and universities takes place in a wide range of areas, spanning the movement of students and academic staff, through joint research projects, to seminars, conferences and summer and winter schools.

AAB College has also been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) for the period 2021-2027. ECHE is a document issued by the European Commission that ensures the participation of AAB College in the Erasmus program as well as defines the framework for the management of Erasmus program activities.