International Affairs and Cooperation


AAB College is one of the best private providers of higher education in Kosovo and probably in the region, i.e. in South East European countries and ranks among the highly promising research-focused colleges. Our international links contribute significantly to strengthening the collaboration with other universities, colleges, and institutions of education, thus strengthening global awareness of the college. AAB College is focused on achieving high standards of excellence in international research projects and on becoming a member of many prestigious international organizations and university networks. We also actively support the mobility of students and academic staff.

A crucial role in the College’s international activities play exchange programmes supporting student and academic staff mobility.

We are ranked among Europe’s promising colleges in terms of the number of outgoing and incoming students and academic staff within the Erasmus programme. Other European Union programmes are important for us, too. We should mention the Erasmus Mundus programme which enables students to receive joint Master’s or Ph.D. degrees from more than one university and whish is one of our targets for the present and future activities.

AAB College stresses the importance of the development of international cooperation implemented on the basis of agreements on the level of the College and inter-university/ inter-college agreements. This cooperation currently includes a number of partner colleges and universities from the region, Europe and the USA but not only. Cooperation with partner colleges and universities takes place in a wide range of areas – from student and academic staff mobility, through joint research projects, to seminars, conferences, and summer schools.

Faculty agreements are another widely used mechanism to support international mobility. These agreements enable AAB College to participate in a number of activities with its partner institutions while providing opportunities for international students to arrange short-term stays at AAB College.

AAB College also supports activities organized and / or implemented through other programmes and foundations independently of existing exchange programmes.

AAB College has open doors for international researchers from abroad in order to strengthen its position as an internationally respected research college, too.

AAB College also participates in many prestigious international organizations that collaborate to achieve shared aims while respecting the individual identity of the partner institutions and involving active participation by both students and academic staff.