The Montenegrin Ambassador Miljanić: We do not want to take even a meter of Kosovo territory

24 April 2015

During the meeting with AAB students, Montenegrin ambassador spoke about the state he represents and diplomatic relations of his country in relation to Kosovo and other countries. Among other things, he did not fail to mention the actual issues faced by our societies.

 “We do not want to take even a meter of Kosovo’s territory. We consider the April 19thagreement between Kosovo and Serbia in Brussels as the foundation stone for reconciliation after a century between Albanians and Serbs” said Ambassador Miljanić.

He also said that the time when Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia will have common consulates and Embassies is not far off.

Montenegrin Ambassador to Kosovo, Radovan Miljanić, at the end answered a series of questions by the students of AAB.