National scientific conference of architecture in cooperation with the Association of Architects of Kosovo begins

30 May 2023
The National Scientific Conference of Architecture in cooperation with the Association of Architects of Kosovo begins

The National Architecture Conference “Architect and Architecture in the Time Context” organized by AAB College in cooperation with the Association of Architects of Kosovo has started today. This conference has brought scientific panels where certain topics will be discussed at national level, in different time periods. The topics that will be addressed are: architectural and urban identity, culture and architecture, the role of the architect, heritage, politics and architecture, the impacts of globalization, architecture and technology, architecture and sustainability.

At the opening of the conference, the vice-chairman of the Governing Council of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, welcomed his fellow architects, hoping for concrete results after the end of the conference and new trends. Even the chairman of the Association of Architects of Kosovo, at the same time chairman of the Scientific Council of the conference, Masar Dushi, said that such organizations are of particular importance in this field, which has a key role in society and the country. Further, the dean of the Faculty of Architecture of AAB College, Armend Fazliu, declared the conference open, saying that the expectations are to have fruitful discussions and new ideas in the field of architecture. Representatives from Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro are also participating in this conference, who are well-known professors and architects who will present their works during the panels.

The conference is taking place within the PAAF (Festival of Arts and Architecture) supported by M-Technologies and the Urban Plus design office.