Nursin Faculty of AAB College formalizes dhe coorporation with Slovenia

11 November 2016

College of Nursing Faculty of AAB College has signed a cooperation agreement with the College of Nursing in Celje, Slovenia, which is aimed at cooperation of the two institutions to promote scientific research through joint activities in the field of health sciences.This agreement provides for facilitating cooperation regarding organizing scientific conferences, symposia, seminars and joint publications, exchange of personnel, exchange of organized thematic visits in both institutions, joint projects competition at the international level, etc.

The agreement was signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at AAB, Idriz Sopjani and dean of the College of Nursing in Celje, assoc. prof. Gorazd Voga.

College of Nursing in Celje of Slovenia, besides being in the ranking of prestigious colleges list, has a large number of students and academic staff, also it is known for the coorporatipns with hospitals and with local and international institutions.