Representatives and students of Graz University visit AAB College

15 May 2023
Representatives and students of the University of Graz visit AAB College

Today, representatives of the University of Graz and students from master’s level of this institution visited AAB College. They were received at a meeting by the vice-rector of AAB College Shemsedin Vehapi and the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Saranda Shatri. In the meeting, the deepening of cooperation with numerous projects was discussed, as well as activities that ensure the improvement of quality in the field of higher education. Then the professor from the University of Graz Heimgartner Arno held a lecture for the students of AAB College on the topic “Social Pedagogy in Graz”.

In addition to these, at the end, an activity led by the professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences of AAB College Arif Shala was held, with students from the two institutions in order to exchange their experiences during their studies.