Special Lecture by Prof. Dr. Burçak Gümüs for AAB College students

4 July 2022

The Faculty of Radiology of AAB College in cooperation with the AMD Polyclinic organized a special lecture with Prof. Dr. Burçak Gümüs, interventional radiology specialist. In this lecture, he shared his personal experiences with patients over the years.

The lecture attracted the attention of many students of the Faculty of Radiology as well as specialist doctors from various fields of medicine who were present. It is worth noting that Prof. Dr. Burçak Gümüs is one of the few who performs unique interventions in radiology, which is why he is known internationally.

During this time, Professor Gümüs also worked in 30 patient visits to the AMD Polyclinic to patients with various problems. He was very grateful and honored with the reception from his colleagues.