Student of AAB College is employed as a primary school teacher

18 January 2024

Kleudina Fejza, a student of the Faculty of Social Sciences, has managed to fulfill one of her dreams, as she describes it, to become a teacher at the “Ali Kelmendi” primary school in Vushtrri.

She said that the teacher’s profession for her means a path full of sacrifices that are made for the benefit of new generations, which therefore means the future of the country.

As a key point in the development of skills, abilities and passion for this profession, Kleudina ranked her studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

“Each student’s professional goals are achievable depending on the institution he/she chooses to study in, so at AAB College, your goals are put first”, said Kleudina, among other things, while showing that as a primary school teacher she is continuing her work full of will and energy.