Students of Gjin Gazulli School who participated in AAB College training get certified

17 March 2023
The students of Gjin Gazulli school who participated in the trainings of the AAB College are certified

“Introduction to programming” was the training that was offered to the students of the electrotechnical high school “Gjin Gazulli” by AAB College. All the students participating in this training have been certified, promising to deepen the cooperation between the two institutions and other activities in the near future.

The rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, in a few words, wished success to the students while adding that the profession they have chosen means for them to be part of the transformation of society.

The dean of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of AAB College, Jusuf Qarkaxhija, said that this is only the beginning of the activities, while there will be trainings that help students in their profession during this year as well.

Meanwhile, the director of the electrotechnical high school “Gjin Gazulli”, Bujar Gjocaj, thanked AAB College for this opportunity that will serve as professional help to students in the future.

Participating students described the participation in these trainings as an unforgettable experience, as they thanked the trainers for the lessons they received during this time.