Students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences part of the session of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

26 April 2024

Second-year students of the Faculty of Computer Science of AAB College, in the campus of Ferizaj, participated in the session of “Technology of good use: How digital tools drive social impact” led by Ezana Ćeman, Product Manager at the Project Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting (OCCRP).

Students learned about a host of topics ranging from technology to social impact, product management to investigative journalism, and digital tools that support a network of journalists around the world.

By learning about the concept of “Technology of good use”, students were able to understand the crucial role of using digital tools for social impact, inspiring them to integrate these insights into their future projects to drive social improvements.

This session was held within the “Project” course by Professor Ersan Hamdiu.