Students of the Faculty of English Language take part in practical lecture at the Chamber’s Theater

31 October 2023
Students of the Faculty of English Language hold practical lectures in the Kamertal Theatre

Within the “Creative Writing” course, led by Professor Eriona Ajvazi from the Faculty of English Language, the students took part in a practical and interactive lecture at the Chamber’s Theater.

During this lecture, emphasis was placed on the discussion, finding and description of the main characters of literature including their personality traits and physical indicators.

All this prompting resulted in the creation of a “fictitious character” which the students have to build as an individual project in the semester, thus becoming the creative authors of a character based on their life experiences/memories/ or experiences/memories of the target group (audience) in order to be as “readable” as possible as a writer.

Students are encouraged to be authentically creative, and get under the skin of their character by embodying it.

Each week, students work in different dynamics and methods in order to give their best for creative and applied learning.