Summary of successes of the English Language Faculty of AAB College

27 January 2022

The English Language Program at AAB College equips students with general English language skills and competencies.

Knowledge of the language is a cornerstone in the development of Kosovo towards a western society. Throughout the quality studies offered in this program, students develop problem-solving competencies and superior communication skills, which are applicable to a wide range of careers and provide excellent employment prospects.

Below you can find some of the successes that characterized this faculty last year:

  1. Held student Job Fair “Meet Your Potential Employer”
  2. Held ALUMNI Research Conference on Lingustics and Literature
  3. Cultivation of volunteerism through the teaching program “English from me to you” for the children of SOS Villages Prishtina
  4. About 80% of the students of the Master Program in the Faculty of English Language are employed or self-employed
  5. Brough opportunity to complete a part of studies abroad within the project “Students’ exchange” of Erasmus +