The Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Thomas Kolly, holds lecture for AAB College students, on the Ferizaj Campus

6 May 2022

H.E. Thomas Kolly, Ambassador of Switzerland, visited the AAB College Campus of Ferizaj. Ambassador Kolly, in the presence of many students of the Faculty of English and the Faculty of Law, spoke about interesting topics from his personal experience in his professional development and about the importance that knowledge of foreign languages plays in everyone’s life. Ambassador Kolly described his experiences during his work as a diplomat in many countries of the world, and the opportunities of getting to know the different cultures and traditions of different peoples, about the challenges and difficulties he had experienced throughout the years of his development as a diplomat, and the impact that family can have on the development of an individual.

He also had a message for students: “Give purpose to your life and then pursue that purpose. Do not give in to the difficulties you may have along the way to achieve your goal. If I stopped half-way, I would not have become a diplomat. But I had a bigger purpose in life, to become educated and to build my life the way I dreamed of it myself. Follow your dream, because one day you will achieve it. “

Ambassador Kolly was received in advance in a meeting with the director of the Ferizaj campus, Shaip Bytyçi, and the vice-rector for international cooperation, Venera Llunji, who informed him about the work being done on that campus and the various activities being organized.