The Employment Center holds information session at AAB College in Ferizaj campus

1 November 2022

In the premises of AB College in Ferizaj campus, an activity was held yesterday by the Employment
Center in Ferizaj. This center expressed its willingness to cooperate with the students of AAB College, by
offering paid internships to the students of this campus in Ferizaj.
The director of this center, Naim Gashi, said that this opportunity is offered so that students do not
neglect their studies but also start to have access in the labor market.
Among other things, the representatives of the center visited the office of the head of AAB College
campus in Ferizaj, where they held a short meeting and then also in the marketing office. They were
present in the various spaces of the campus encouraging the students for this opportunity and the
deepening of the cooperation for the following projects.