The Faculty of Nursing continues with following training within the framework of EVP

8 February 2023
The Faculty of Nursing continues with the next training within the EVP

In the framework of Continuing Professional Education, the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College announces the next course that will be held on February 15, 2023. This course will last one day, while the topic expected to be addressed is “Nursing care for patients with disorders (neurological disease)”

The course is accredited by the Kosovo Nurses Association, while all health and non-health profiles can apply.

The payment for students is 10 euros, while for other profiles it is 15 euros.

Participation is limited, reserve your place!

Apply here.

No. of turnover: TEB 2014 0000 0848 9233

Payment must then be submitted as a hard copy to the Faculty of Nursing Assistants’ Office, no later than one day before the training date.