Third International Scientific Conference for Architecture IAC / KNA-2015

25 April 2015

“ARCHITECTURE AND IDENTITY- critical issues in contemporary discourse in regional approach”, is the tittle of the Third International Scientific Conference on Architecture and Urban Planning, a two day conference organized by and held at the AAB.

This already traditional conference attracted remarkable interest of academics, researchers and other professionals of this area not only from our country but from the region and the world.

The conference activities will be carried out in several sessions. During this conference were introduced several poster -presentations from the Identity by their Design.

In addition to research work presented by researchers from countries around the world of the above mentioned areas, at the conference, their works also presented a number of young researchers, university lecturers and AAB partner institutions and students of these areas.

The Conference carried out its activities on the second day as well, whereby the participants paid a visit to the architectural and cultural heritage of Kosovo.