PhD. Candidat

Elisa Nikolla

Vice Dean

Elisa was born in Lezhë of Albania. She graduated in the field of British and American cultural studies from the University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi” in 2008. She then completed her master studies in Intercultural tourist communication and linguistics at the Philological University of Tirana in 2010.

Currently, she is pursuing her doctoral studies in Sofia, Bulgaria at the NBU University, design department, with the thesis “Visual culture, visual communication and digital culture as sub-disciplines from tradition to innovation”.

Elisa Nikolla became a part of AAB College in 2013 as a lecturer in the Faculty of Arts.

She has been a coordinator and a participant in many projects of the cultural and social nature in several organizations such as CAAP, Terres des Hommes, World Vision, and lastly H.A.N.A.

In addition, she conducted a series of study visits in Italy, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Estonia, and Macedonia, and also participated in various cultural and artistic exhibitions together with AAB College students in both Kosovo and abroad.

Personal international exhibition:

2020-Fort Worth Community Art Center, Texas, USA

Lectures on the subjects:

English language 1
English language 2
Professional architectural terminology