The purpose and profile of the Architecture Program are to prepare new generations in the field of Architecture studies to carry out the relevant task for the needs of Kosovo society. This course aims to prepare the candidates for the stage of conceptualizing the idea, monitoring and implementing specific professional actions in the field of architecture and planning.Another dimension of this course is to enable candidates to achieve adequate theoretical knowledge skills and to develop their professional critique. It should also be emphasized the issue of ambition to deal with further studies and ongoing research work in order to expand the knowledge and professional skills in the planning, design, and implementation or execution phases.To argue this in the labor market in Kosovo, an inevitable connection is created with the increase of the professional values of the architect, both in lifestyle (residential architecture) and in public application (private business premises as well as maintenance of Objects in the social sector). All the areas mentioned above are covered by the BA – Architecture program.

At the level of Bachelor studies in Architecture Program, there is an international cooperation with the University of Pécs /Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture / Architecture Direction with the Ljubljana Design Academy, more specifically with the Interior design direction, and the University of Fine Arts Mimar Sinan, Istanbul.

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