Qemajl Osman

Computer Sciences

AAB student develops an e-commerce project

Qemajl Osman, who graduated from the Faculty of Economics at AAB College, is currently working on the “E-Commerce” project, which serves for conducting online shopping, VISA cards payment and PayPal method”.

This project aims at assisiting companies in selling their stored goods through the online platform and not on the classical way.

“It takes some further agreements with banks of the Republic of Kosovo, namely those which offer support for E-Commerce”, said Qemajl, for the “AAB Alumni”.

Qemajli says that the knowledge gained during studies at AAB College, helped him complete this project and other projects. “The knowledge gained at AAB College also made the signing  of a contract in Switzerland possible, with the company who needed my services in the IT field, a company that deals with insurances and other consultations. It is the Godeni Versicherungen GmbH company headquartered in Zurich”, said Qemajli.

Qemajli intends to continue Master studies at AAB and also get further knowledge for Computer Sciences.