Zenel Berisha


Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in AAB College; Zenel Berisha already a part of the KWE company

The graduate architect Zenel Berisha is already applying the knowledge that he gained while studying in the Faculty of Architecture as a site engineer in the KWE company (Kosovo Water Energy).

Zeneli values his time at AAB College highly, for he was immediately hired after graduating.

Aside from the work done in office, Zeneli explains that a large and important part of his job is also in the field where he oversees various projects. This profession brings joy to the young architect Zenel Berisha, as, according to him, seeing a project come to life is beautiful. 

Seeing that many high school graduates have a lot of doubts about where to continue their studies, Zeneli suggests that they direct themselves towards the Faculty of Architecture in AAB College, where they will gain meaningful skills that they can apply in the job market.

The Faculty of Architecture at AAB College organizes studies at the bachelor and master’s level. Many who have already graduated from this faculty are making a name for themselves in architecture.