Gazmend Abrashi

Mass Communication

Abrashi, finished the Bachelor and Master studies at AAB, and commenced Doctorate studies at the University of Prishtina

Gazmend Abrashi, completed the Bachelor and Master studies in the Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism at AAB, whereas commenced Doctorate studies and now is in the second semester in the department of Journalism and Communication Sciences in the Faculty of Philosogy of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”. 

Gazmendisaid for the magazine “AAB Alumni” , that during the studies at AAB, he was fortunate that he had professors who were eminent in this field, as well as the visits from other professors had its importance and value which shown the seriousness of AAB, and also for the necessary environments to practice the theory, where it is worth mentioning the availability of the technical-technological equipments, we also carried out the practice and made important visits in the media companies, etc.

Abrashiduring his Master studies graduated with the topic of “Organizational communication”, the focus of the research was the internal organizational communication. He has published two scientific researches with co-authors, the “Multimedia and convergence”and “Screening of literary work “, and moreover he is employed at the AAB University.