Arzie Bektashi


Arzie Bektashi: The knowledge acquired at AAB, was applied in ProCredit Bank and now in the project

Arzie Bekteshi said that the experience and knowledge acquired during the studies at AAB, opened new opportunities to her. “During the studies at AAB and at the same time working in Procredit Bank, I have developed my critical thinking for finding solutions of the issues”, said Bekteshi.

She said that now she is working in a unique project, which is still not implemented in our country. “In the project, I am applying the knowledge that I have acquired in my Master studies for marketing and business management. At the moment, the project is very confidential, but in the future it will open new opportunities for work in Kosovo and will increase the emancipation of women in our society”, stated Ms. Bektashi.

Moreover, she stated for the magazine “Alumni AAB” that AAB provided classes from international and local elite professors, who always brought innovations from the world of science, and during the lecture they used the most modern methodology. “They were very supportive with us, and if we needed help they were able to provide us support even outside regular class,”said Ms. Bekteshi.

Arzie Bektashi, with an outstanding success finished the Bachelor studies in the Faculty of Economy at AABFerizaj, and she is at the end of the Master studies in the same department.