Berat miftari

Mass Communication

Berat miftari, a known moderator in the media of Kosovo

He finished the Bachelor studies in the Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism and now he is at the end of the Master studies in the same department, at AAB. BeratMiftari, who for more than 14 years is part of the public broadcaster, the Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK), and recently he is engaged also at AAB, in the capacity of the assistant-lecturer in the course  of “Radiogazetari”.  We have also seen Berat in the capacity of the moderator in several state ceremonies.

Berat, recalling the early days of studies at AAB said for the magazine “Alumni AAB” that:”We were the first generation, but today almost the majority of the generation are engaged in important positions counting the successes”. 

“Today, AAB is the leader for the academic quality and also for the established prestige. We were the very first generation of AAB, and we did not have the conditions that the students of AAB have nowadays, such as including radio, TV, magazine and various publications and numerous opportunities in literature, library and other things that facilitate the field of studying. Thus, with a strong commitment from our side as well as from the academic staff we have achieved success even today and while I see AAB, I proudly say that “We were the very first ones here”, said Berat.

“AAB has always provided space and conditions for creativity and prepared us for the media market”.