Delvin Krasniqi

Computer Sciences


As part of the ongoing activities of AAB College that go in favor of the community and society, and continuous cooperation with various public and non-public institutions, AAB has created a digital platform for the Clinical Center of Family Medicine in Pristina.

The merits for the successful implementation of this platform belong to the third-year student of the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB, Delvin Krasniqi who will now continue to assist with the management of the staff and activities of QKMF. In addition to the application being completed in a record 30 days, Delvini has managed to design it professionally and contains a series of functions, which have been implemented and adapted exactly to the specifications of QKMF. Delvini after the presentation of this application was happy that during his studies he is managing to contribute as a student from the field he has chosen for his professional development.

“It is a pleasure when the theoretical and practical lessons that you learn during your studies at AAB College can be implemented successfully in your field. I feel very good that after an intensive work in coordination with my professor, Valdete Daku, we finalized this application which contains many functions and will facilitate the work of QKMF “, said Delvini.

Whereas, the Director of QKMF in Prishtina, Dr. Spec. Rrezart Halili said that cooperating with AAB College is always an honor and a pleasure.

“We needed such an application for QKMF and the one that was presented to us today exceeds our expectations. We feel very good that we can cooperate with a serious institution such as AAB College because what follows is only undisputable success” said Mr. Halili.

The practical work of the students of Computer Science of AAB College is one of the main components of this faculty, as it enables the students to concretize the theoretical lessons learned during their academic years.