Doruntina Alshiqi

English Language

Doruntina Alshiqi, an exemplary student at AAB College, is engaged as Coordinator of AAB Summer School 2017

The fact that a small number of students who have not completed their studies at AAB are involved in important positions of work, both within AAB and abroad, is also evidenced by the fact that currently in AAB are engaged dozens of such students.

This time we present you one of them, Doruntina Alshiqi.

Doruntina, who has just completed excellently her second year of studies at the English Language Faculty at AAB College, is engaged in the position of translator (translation from English language to Albanian language) as well as Summer School Coordinator at AAB, which will be held this year from August 14-23, 2017.

“Being employed at this age (20 years old) is a beautiful dream that I’m enjoying every day. Everything about AAB is more than perfect, not just because I am studying/working here but starting from the head, staff and everyone involved in AAB do all the tireless and hard work for us young people to have the perfect future. This makes AAB undoubtedly the best college in Kosovo as well as in the region,” said Doruntina.

Doruntina stressed that collaborating with the professors of AAB College is an honor and pleasure, because they always help and motivate you, while the conditions in AAB are fantastic and greatly affect the motivation of students.

Her message is “If young people want to achieve something in a country like Kosovo, the only place for them is AAB.”