Dashnore Mejzini

Computer Sciences

Introducing two graduates from the Gjakova Department: DashnoreMejzini and BlerimTahiraj

Most graduates of the AAB, not only in Prishtina, also at the other departments as in Ferizaj as well as in Gjakova, managed to incorporate easily in the labour market finding themselves in decent management positions. One of them is BlerimTahiraj too, that today works for the prestigious company “Expik” holding the position of a leader at the software department.

Blerim, earned his bachelor degree at the Faculty of Economics the branch of Management and Information Technology in AAB, Gjakova department, immediately following his master studies in the same field.

On the other hand, DashnoreMejzini is another graduate that also have completed her Bachelor degree in Management and Information Technology Program, the Gjakova department.

Today she is employed at the Regional Hospital of Gjakova,at the finance sector, while pursuing her studies in Master’s level, in the most particular program of educational institutions in Kosovo  – Management Sector, Helath Specialization.