Jeta Abazi

Mass Communication

Jeta Abazi, one of the successful graduates of the Faculty of Mass Communication

Jeta Abazi, said for the magazine “Alumni AAB”, that AAB knew from the beginning how to develop the study program in the field of media.

“At AAB, I have highly appreciated the professors who were committed and disciplined and there were a lot of them in our department”, said Abazi, adding that AAB provided her the opportunity to have colleagues in the field of media.

This, according to Jeta, is a strong weapon for the journalists.

Besides the studies completed in the Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB, she has worked as a research journalist in the program “Jeta në Kosovë”, and later as an expert of media in the international organization GIZ and in the European Commission. She also has a professional cooperation with the German foundation “KAS” in relation with the media.

For six months she was in the capacity of the Counselor to the Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo. This year she has been awarded with the scholarship “Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence” (Balkan scholarship for qualitative journalism), with the topic “Distribution of the shares, gender discrimination, in Balkan and England”, a research that will be published very soon.

Currently, she is an assistant-lecturer in the Department of Journalism in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Prishtina.