Majlinda Doda

Mass Communication

Majlinda Doda, an outstanding journalist and moderator in Radio Kosova

Majlinda Doda, is already a journalist with experience in Radio Kosova. She got employed in this media immeditaly after completing the studies in Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB.

“I have chosen AAB to study because this educational institution provided knowledge from different fileds and had the academic staff with well-known professors, especially in the field of media” saidMajlindaDoda, whocompleted her Bachelor studies in the Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB.

Majlinda stated that at AAB she had the opportunity to carry out different program shows during her studies and the acquired knowledge from various fields provided by AAB, made quite easily to pass the challenges and issues that we encountered.

She works at RTK Radio, and she is engaged as a journalist in the newsroom, she also moderates the news editions.