Rasim Selmani


Rasim Selmani: the diploma of AAB, ensured me the position of the Director of the High Security Prison

“After successfully completing my studies at AAB and thanks to knowledge acquired during the studies in the field of law, knowledge which I needed to practise in my profession and after a successful career, in 2014 I was appointed the Director of the High Security Prison in Gerdoc of Podujeva”,  said RasimSelmanifor the magazine  “Alumni AAB”.

 “The studies at AAB helped me a lot to acquire knowledge in the field of justice and to succesfuly finish my studies in law.I often say that I would not be able to deal with the situations that arise every day at work, if I had not studied at AAB”, said Selmani.

RasimSelmani, completed his Bachelor and Master studies with an outstanding success.