Rreze Tetrica


RrezeTetrica, after graduating from AAB College, got employed in the Swiss Caritas

“During these years of studying at AAB, we have had professors who were committed and professional in the relevant fields. The professors are the ones that characterize mostly the AAB College.They were extremely communicative and helpful, their academic and scientific knowledge intertwined with their valuable contribution in Kosovo, helped us a lot to build our career”, said Rreze for “AAB Alumni”.

RrezeTetricagot employed in the Swiss Caritas as the official for communication and administrative issuesafter completing studies in the Faculty of Law at AAB College.Moreover, Rreze mentioned that the knowledge and experience acquired at AAB, helped her get employed and continue to play a major role in finding solutions for the issues arising at work. “We had situations in which my knowledge acquired during studies was required and served in the best way toconduct tasks at work. The organization where I work believed in my skills and capacities and highly appreciated them.

Furthermore, Rreze mentioned that before completing high school, she had started to research for the institution to continue her studies, looking for the one which was close enough to fulfil her requirements, obviously implying the quality as the most important requirement and then the other ones. “During that time as well as now, according to my point of view AAB is the leader of the university institutions.Upon opening its branch in Gjakova, I immediately decided to be part of this institution, which fulfilled all my requirements”, concluded Rreze.