Mustafë Bekteshi


The student of AAB works at the Prishtina International Airport

Mustafë Bekteshi, after completing Bachelor studies in the Faculty of Economy at AAB, he immediately continued Master studies in the same faculty. After completing the studies, he got employed at the Prishtina International Airport “Adem Jashari”, in the position of the Officer in the Department of Administration. “The need for qualitative education, the need to acquire knowledge and diploma which was recognized at the institution where I work, these were reasons why I decided to continue my studies at AAB”, said Bekteshi for the magazine “AAB Alumni”.

Bekteshi, said that during the studies at AAB, the way of developing the lectures in amphitheatre, method and presentation of the seminars, methodology of work of the professors and their excellent attitude, the environment and infrastructure, the professional research etc. were the ones that left huge impressions to him.