Flights to/ from Pristina

Flights to and from your place of residence can be arranged through AAB University or as provided by respective cooperation agreements or mobility programmes. Any alternative arrangement needs to be agreed with us.If you need to change your flight for university reasons after arrival in Pristina please contactsomeone in our offices/ your administrative assistant (contact detail in the table above).The university cannot arrange private travel around Kosovo but can advise or recommend a travel agent.

Hotel and other accommodation in Pristina

Students will be accommodated in houses or apartments around the university campus that are fit for them. The institution will help find appropriate housing, but if necessary there are many hotels and hostels in Pristina. Price of rent can be 150-500 per month for an apartment. You can always check for places to rent, or at least have an idea of what is available at the time. Hotels’ prices on the other hand, range from from 40 to 95 Euros per person/night. Hotels closer to or in the centre of town are AFA Hotel, Hotel Royal, Hotel Sirius, Hotel Nartel, Hotel Pristina, and more. Igmas hotel is a small but very comfortable hotel in the close vicinity of the AAB campus.

Occasional interruptions to power and water supplies are likely (but not in hotels who are supplied with power generators).

Transport within Kosovo

Transport to and from the airport on arrival and departure during normal office hours (0830-1700) will be arranged by the university, and to and from the university, by the AAB busand/or by taxi.

For activities outside Pristina, university transport will be arranged, or an alternative provided.

AAB cannot reimburse the cost of travel on private business.