Accommodation, university , and living expenses

University location (see map as Annex 1)

AAB University is located between Prishtina and Fushë Kosovë municipalities. There are four buildings in the campus, which include a sports hall and a library (please find attached a drawing of the way to the university). AAB provides free transport for its students and staff from downtown Pristina to the campus (situated 3 km away towards the west and the town of Fish[ Kosov[).There are also two other AAB campuses/facilities in two other cities, Ferizaj (40 km south from Pristina) and Gjakovë (86 km to the west).

A basic lunch is available for €2 – 3 in four canteens within the university campus which services the students and staff of AAB.They are ususally self-service, you will be asked to pay after you pick up your food.

AABPREMISES ARE STRICTLY NON-SMOKING, INCLUDING CANTEENS! In Kosovo generally, legally smoking is prohibited in public spaces but in practice there are a few places that this rule is not observed.

Climate / dress code

Kosovo has a typical continental climate with cold winters (down to – 10 C) and hot summers (up to 35C) with an average of 21C.The weather is very pleasant for most of the town with beautiful countryside, in particular in the western part of Kosovo. The weather can be changeable – Prishtina in particular is known for the change of seasons during the same day.

Dress code in Pristina is casual generally, as is in other towns of Kosovo.

Streets can get muddy and/or dusty depending on the weather; pavements can be uneven. Good strong shoes are advisable especially for winter months as roads and pavements can be slippery/icy as they are often not cleared. Occasional heavy rain so an umbrella is useful (in particular in spring and autumn).


It is recommended that students buy VALA cell phone numbers, since most of the people in Pristina use this carrier. However IPKO as well is an affordable carrier. They both offer 3G internet (3 euros for 2 GBs with VALA) and other phone packages.

Wireless internet access is provided in the university. There are also computers and printers available for you on every floor within the campus.