Dining and partying in Prishtina

The traditional cuisine in Kosovo is a mix of Albanian, Turkish and Balkan – the taste that you will not miss in Prishtina, by no means. Tavas or otherwise known as stews, grilled meats, suxhuk – the spicy local sausage, sarma – stuffed cabbage rolls and fresh cheeses are some of the best. Solid spots for such foods are Tiffany, Pishat, Liburnia amongst others. What’s greater, Liburnia is located in the oldest part of the town! Taverna Miqt stands tucked in a corner off Nëna Tereza Boulevard offering a lovely, but simplified menu with a tasty twist.

For a great dining experience make a turn from the center to the Image Lali’s Restaurant in the quiet and lovely neighborhood of Bregu i Diellit, or otherwise known by the internationals as the Sunny Hill, where the legendary chef Lali flaunts his creative international cuisine, including the best steak in town. Another great spot a bit away from the center is Te Halimi, the garlic-lovers dream, where one must try and in-no-way leave without trying out the chicken – the house-specialty.

As far as the European party scene goes, where something happens almost every day and night of the week – do not hesitate at placing Prishtine somewhere around the top of your list.

Try out different Tavernas, as Taverna Ibra or Nër’Re to warm up before hooking up to the tempo and making your way to the bars and clubs.

The Zanzi Jazz is another classic and frequented spot by both the locals and the internationals. You may head over the Hamam Jazz Bar for sensual music and looks; its outstanding interior has also earned the 2013 WIN Award as one of the best bar designs in the world.

For drinks with a good view, hop on to the “13 Rooftop” at the top of the Grand Hotel Prishtina as the most convenient choice, or the Priview Bar, a bit further away from the center, where a more hip crowd mingles.

For those looking to party until the sun comes up, head out to the electro club MHz or the Zone Club where they play a mix of everything in the DJ booth, with separate summer and winter locations.

Other interesting bars to go to are Bon Vivant, Lips Bistro, People’s, Morena Bar, Designer’s, Che Bar, Miqt Pub, Sabaja Beer House and many more.

Other worth to visit restaurants are Basilico, Pinocchio, Country House, De Rada, Il Passatore, Villa Germija, Panorama, Kulla, Rron among many others.

Prishtina’s hotels have been prevalent for years catering to foreign officials and travelers, whereas hostels are still a new concept, though they offer wonderful accommodation options. The Swiss Diamond Hotel is the top spot in the city, Hotel Graçanica on the outskirts of Prishtina is a peaceful retreat from the constant buzzing of the city center. On the other hand, Hotel Prishtina is another good mid-range option as well as Golden Hotel.

As far as hostels, the best beds can be found at Buffalo Backpackers, Hostel Han, and The White Tree Hostel, all located within the city.

If you thought Prishtina is only concrete and crazy architecture – you got it wrong! A cheap bus ride will take you quickly to Gërmia, a 62 km² regional park where you can escape for a picnic or wander in its mesmerizing hiking trails.

UNESCO listed Graçanica Monastery, located around 8km away from the city center – is a good historical site to enjoy a 14th-century view, especially of its frescoes.

Take a day to pay a visit to the exceptionally ancient Roman city of Ulpiana of the 2nd-century AD, in the close-by. A bit further you can visit the Bear Sanctuary, where you can check out the rescued brown bears in their natural habitat as well as enjoy the surrounding woodlands. Walking further down below, you can find yourself in the beauty of Lake Badovc, take a while to sit down and chill around this mesmerizing habitat!

There are direct flights to Prishtina from the rest of Europe, either budget or full-service. Prishtina has a nice spot to make it possible to easily access and enjoy the rest of the surrounding Balkan countries, like Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania. Skopje is the closest capital to visit for a cheap price and a quick ride, roughly 2:30hrs or go for the one-way bus ticket (5€).

Dining in other major cities

While in Peja do not miss out on:

  • Kulla e Zenel Beut,
  • Ujvara e Drinit,
  • Hotel Dukagjini Restaurant,
  • Restaurant Antika,
  • King’s,
  • Dio,
  • Bjeshka,
  • Villa Vukli Boge,
  • Art Design.


  • Çarshia e Jupave,
  • Pishat Restaurant,
  • Prime Bar,
  • Jaki Grill,
  • Pinocchio Restaurant,
  • La Villa.


  • Cuco,
  • Vali Ranch,
  • Hani i Mbretërve,
  • Liburnia Restaurant,
  • Bujana,
  • Osman Zymberi Wine & Dine.


  • Marashi,
  • Te Syla,
  • Vila Park,
  • EGO Restaurant,
  • Fellas Coffee & Kitchen,
  • Ambient Restaurant,
  • Te Halimi,
  • The White House,
  • Arasta Restaurant,
  • Fuad-As.


  • Hajducki Konak,
  • Ibri Restaurant,
  • Vivianit,
  • Village,
  • Restaurant Ura,
  • New Galleria,
  • Restaurant Fiona,

While in Mitrovica, enjoy the mountains surrounding the place as is Bajgora, Stanterg, Cerrnusha, Kovaqica. Zveqan and Zubin Potok make up a nice mountainous terrain to climb and hike. plays national Serbian music, Playoff, BaraBar, Riverside, Snap Bar, and many other bars. Hotel Mitrovica, Hotel Adriatik, are nice places to sleep the night away if you decide to stay longer in the city. The most interesting part to see while there is the fact that the city is inhabit by ethnic Albanians and Serbians, living harmoniously. There are the historical buildings of Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Demetrius, Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Sava.


  • Orchide,
  • Apollonia 1991,
  • Restaurant Pizzeria Villa.

There are beautiful villages surrounding the cities mentioned above, where you can enjoy your time in the greenlands in the company of fresh local produce!