Incoming Students

A period of study at AAB College can be a wonderful and an everlasting experience. If you would like to enrich your life with a South East European experience, with the experience of Albanian hospitality and generosity, AAB College is the place to go.

AAB College attracts students not only because of its steady and serious approach towards education and culture but also because of the variety of programmes taught here, covering all major fields of human knowledge.

Courses are mainly delivered in the Albanian language because of the 90% of its population being Albanians, AAB College also provides courses in the Bosnian language.

Courses in English are delivered in the Department of English Language but all departments adapt to the needs of the incoming students thus offering courses in the English language in all departments and/or adapting the study material according to the needs and requirements.

On these pages, you will find everything you need to know about studying at AAB College for a semester or two under a variety of mobility programmes.

Besides the familiar Erasmus exchange programme, AAB College has signed a number of inter-university agreements and faculty agreements with partners from the region and EU countries as well as from the USA. Even in cases when there are no agreements signed, doors of AAB College are open to international students either through different projects, bilateral international agreements, or students can join our College as individuals and/or free movers. Furthermore, AAB College is also the home to summer activities, summer schools, preparatory courses for future students, and a range of other activities for the benefit of students and the reputation of our College.