Outgoing and Incoming Academic and Nonacademic Staff

Through the university agreements, AAB College accepts academic staff from partner institutions, enabling them to spend short periods (1-2 weeks) at our College for purposes of teaching and research. We also accept doctoral students for short periods of time, i.e. for 1 week of their stay.
Mobility of academics and non-academic staff via university agreements at AAB College is processed by the Office for International Affairs and Cooperation and the Rectorate.

If a representative of the academic staff would like to spend a short period at AAB College for research, study or teaching purposes on the basis of a university agreement, he/she should first discuss the precise details of the stay with the Office for International Affairs and Cooperation.

The interested party should send an official email with details which cover: a letter of interest, CV, detailed teaching or study plan, approval from their home university and the period of time planned for the visit. We start with winter term from October till February (including exams) and summer term from the end of February till the end of June (exams finishing in July).

Outgoing academic staff should apply according to the Rules and Regulations issued by the host university and should have the approval of the Rectorate of the home university.