EU Impact on Kosovo

“EU impact in Kosovo” is a Project implemented by AAB College and supported by Erasmus + Program – Jean Monnet.
The purpose of this project is to establish the first module in higher education in Kosovo regarding the impact of EU on peace building, reconciliation, and democratization. The module consists of three main components as following:
1) Lectures,
2) Research and
3) Dissemination Activities.

The module is included within the general education list of electives so that students from a variety of academic backgrounds, such as Law, Public Administration, Economy, Social Sciences, and Psychology will be able to select it.

At least 50 students will attend the module each year and the same will be taught for two semesters (56 h), for three years.
1) Lectures will cover topics related to the impact of EU on the rehabilitation of Kosovo after the conflict, in several fields such as the following: Peace building, Reconciliation, Social Dialog, Democratization, Diversity and Inclusion, Political Capacity Building, Economic Reconstruction and Civil Society. Public lectures will also be included as complementary, and field experts will be invited to share their expertise;
2) The research will involve the work of students to develop desk and in field research, to analyse the influence of EU in Kosovo, in terms of policy (document analysis), practice (implementation of policy) and experience (how do people and communities feel about these policies). The research will be mostly focused on the influence of EU on making different ethnic communities come together. In the end of three years, the results of the research will be published;
3) Students will also be engaged in dissemination activities. They will organize at least 30 sensitization sessions with high school graduates on purpose of sensitizing them and increasing their interest for EU studies.