Anita Gashi

Computer Sciences

AAB student, Anita Gashi, hired as Web Application Developer at Elkos Group

Internships arranged by the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College have led to a large number of students, after their professional performance shown during the months of their internships, to be given full employment contracts.

Anita Gashi, a student of Computer Science, is part of the students who have gained employment even though they havent finished their studies. She is already working at Elkos Group as a Web Application Deviloper. Anita said that since the beginnings of her studies, AAB College has given her stability and guided her in the direction of professionalism while also offering her numerous activities for her to hone her skill set. 
She also expressed her gratitude to the academic staff of the Faculty of Computer Science, who, according to her, are always ready for the further advancement of their students.

“After a three-month internship, I have been given an employment opportunity as a Web Application Developer in Elkos Group, so I am very grateful to AAB College, the Dean and the professors for the support they provided along the way” said Anita.