Arta Mulaku

Public Administration

Arta Mulaku, graduated in Public Administration, now she is part of OSCE

Arta Mulaku, after graduation from the Bachelor studies in the Faculty of Public Administration at AAB, she immediately continued her Master studies in the same department.

Arta for the magazine “AAB Alumni”talked about her impressions during the AAB studies. She highly appreciates the professional academic staff of this institution:  “The Professors were and still are very collaborative. They never hesitated to help us in all forms of student-teacher cooperation, and especially when we had individual works, seminars, etc., they were always ready to provide the relevant material, guidelines and the scientific manner to draft the works”.

Arta Mulaku, works in the Department of Security and Public Safety in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Missionin Kosovo, furthermore, she also stated that the acquired knowledge during the studies at AAB, help her a lot to resolve the issues at work, and especially when it comes to research and draft any comprehensive report in relation with the local institutions.